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Africa Day 2015 VOX-POPS
A Safer South Africa for Everyone
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25 May 2015

I unfold the morning papers with trepidation.    It is the New Age – not my first choice, but it is a freebie making up for the fact that I had to get up before any respectable rooster, and make it to the airport in the pitch dark.  Without a cup of te …

5 May 2015

DURING the celebration of the 21st anniversary of our democracy last week, President Jacob Zuma acknowledged that the violence in our society points to the need for psychological help. Zuma said: “Apartheid was a violent system and it produced violent …

1 May 2015

The phrase “spare the rod and spoil the child” is often used as a justification to violate our children. It is, in fact, a form of rationalising by us as parents to justify being violent towards our children, without consequences on our part. We use th …

10 Apr 2015

When DEMELZA BUSH was a little girl, she knew she wasn’t. But it took her 28 years to figure out just what she could do to align her body with her mind. When I was five years old I hid in our spare bathroom and tried to urinate standing up. That’s how …

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25 May 2015 In Electronic Media

Article in IOL reports on Sonke’s statement to government on #AfricaDay and quotes President Zuma as saying: “Starting from today, every community and institutions must practice the African Union anthem and must be able to sing it at all gatherings and …

23 May 2015 In Electronic Media

Sonke’s statement calling on government to end #OperationFiela and stop targeting of foreign nationals, and to promote African unity published by Polity: http://www.polity.org.za/article/sgj-sonke-calls-on-government-to-embrace-african-unity-on-africa-

23 May 2015 In Electronic Media

Article in Al Jazeera English on how Operation Fiela is hurting South African children quotes Sonke’s Demelza Bush: “Demelza Bush of the national nonprofit Sonke Gender Justice said she saw a 4-month-old-baby whose mother was detained being nursed by a …

22 May 2015 Press Releases

Monday, May 25, is “Africa Day,” and Sonke urges the South African government to take urgent steps to repair relations with other countries in Africa, and to embrace African unity, amidst serious xenophobic violence and government crackdowns targeting …

20 May 2015 Press Releases

Sonke is pleased to announce that we have been granted Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the UN’s central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development.* Consul …

18 May 2015 In Print Media

Beeld references Sonke (and our partners’) call to the South African government to stop stigmatising foreign nationals and to end Operation Fiela.

18 May 2015 In Print Media

Die Burger references Sonke (and our partners’) call to the South African government to stop stigmatising foreign nationals and to end Operation Fiela.

Featured Photography
Hundreds of people took to the streets of Cape Town, Western Cape on February 25, as South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, prepared to address Parliament with his Budget Speech. Sonke and many of our partners (The GBV-NSP Campaign Partners) are calling on President Zuma to immediately commit the money and political will to the development of a comprehensive national strategic plan to address gender-based violence that will strengthen both prevention and response.
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Sonke and TAC apply to become 'friends of the court' in historic class action lawsuit

Sonke and TAC apply to become ‘friends of the court’ in historic class action lawsuit.

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Following the previous post on power, sexual abuse and silence, this audio slideshow/video by photographer Lisa Kessler tells the stories of 3 survivors of sexual abuse in Boston's Catholic churches.

Kessler says that "in Boston alone over 800 people reported abuse to the church (victims’ advocates estimate 100,000 across the US were sexually abused at the hands of their priests)."

From wikipedia: "The sexual abuse scandal in Boston archdiocese was part of a series of Catholic sex abuse cases in the United States and Ireland. In early 2002, Boston Globe coverage of a series of criminal prosecutions of five Roman Catholic priests thrust the issue of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests into the national limelight.

The coverage of these cases encouraged other victims to come forward with their allegations of abuse resulting in more lawsuits and criminal cases.

As it became clear that there was truth to many of the allegations and that there was a pattern of sexual abuse and cover-up in a number of large dioceses across the USA, what had originally appeared to be a few isolated cases of abuse exploded into a nationwide scandal. The resulting scandal created a crisis for the Catholic Church in the United States, encouraging victims in other nations to come forward with their allegations of abuse, thus creating a global crisis for the Church.

Ultimately, it became clear that, over several decades in the 20th century, priests and lay members of religious orders in the Catholic Church had sexually abused minors on a scale such that the accusations reached into the thousands. Although the majority of cases were reported to have occurred in the United States, victims have come forward in other nations such as Ireland, Canada and Australia. A major aggravating factor was the actions of Catholic bishops to keep these crimes secret and to reassign the accused to other parishes in positions where they had continued unsupervised contact with youth, thus allowing the abusers to continue their crime."

Heart in the Wound: Sexual Abuse from the Catholic Church to Civil Society premiered in 2009 at the Boston International Film Festival and was shown in the Utah Arts Fear No Film Festival. The still photographs are in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Sonke's Manager of Communications & Strategic Information, Czerina Patel, edited the audio interviews to develop the story narrative of Heart in the Wound, which tells of power and the failure of those who are supposed to protect children to always do so.

[Photographs and interviews by Lisa Kessler; Photographs taken during 2002-2004.]

Lisa Kessler: https://www.bu.edu/prc/document/kessler.htm


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After his wife passed away, Sonwabo became a single parent. He soon noticed his own health declining, but he struggled with the thought of seeking medical care at the nearby clinic. When he decided to get help, he discovered he was HIV+. Now in a healthy relationship and active in his community, Sonwabo challenges the stereotype that men are not involved in efforts to promote testing and care.


Many people believe that if they are HIV+, finding and maintaining healthy, loving relationships is impossible. Some may prefer not to know their status rather than face unfriendly clinic environments. Consider these fears and barriers as you watch the story, and think about the importance of peer support, for men. How has Sonwabo found meaning in his life?
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