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14 Dec 16
  • Nonhlanhla Skosana

Nonhlanhla – Sonke’s CEM Unit manager – shares experiences from her youth that influenced her decision to become an activist.

14 Dec 16
  • Zia Wasserman

Zoe Black, a Zimbabwean sex worker and activist living in Cape Town, shares her troubling experiences as a victim of crime.

13 Dec 16
  • Marlise Richter

PEPFAR recipients document how the pledge limits sex workers’ access to health care and increases their vulnerability.

6 Dec 16
  • Marlise Richter

Feminists around the world have mixed reactions to Bono’s “Women of the Year” award, presented to him by Glamour Magazine.

25 Oct 16
  • Dean Peacock
  • Emily Nagisa Keehn

It is vital the court of appeal upholds a ruling that makes South Africa’s gold mining industry accountable to women whose husbands died from silicosis.

25 Oct 16
  • Thabang Pooe
  • Dean Peacock

A high court has ruled that compensation to women who have to take care of sick miners could ease the gendered harms imposed by the industry.

21 Oct 16
  • Patrick Godana

Patrick Godana writes on the terrible toll of silicosis on miners’ families.

20 Oct 16
  • Tanya Charles

Women’s work caring for sick miners is invisible – Tanya Charles writes for GroundUp.

7 Oct 16
  • Karen Robertson

After serving 9 years of an 18-year sentence for armed robbery, Thulani Ndlovu has founded Zonk’izizwe Odds Development, an NGO fighting to get prisoners’ rights on the national agenda.

7 Oct 16
  • Wessel Van Den Berg

Getting parents more involved in childcare is good for a child’s health and prospects in life. It’s also good for women. South Africa needs to get with the programme writes Wessel van den Bergh.

7 Oct 16
  • Patrick Godana

Sonke’s Patrick Godana how many more people need to be violated, assaulted and murdered before our government takes the scourge of gender-based violence seriously.

7 Oct 16
  • Siphokazi Dyani

Sonke’s Siphokhazi Dyani attends a march demanding action from the Delft police for the brutal murder in August of 38 year-old Nomenesi Klawushe. She wonders: will justice be served for the mother of three and other women like her?

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